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  Trade Mark & Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement is widespread throughout the UK and the rest of the World. Richmond Day and Wilson will assist in the investigation and prosecution of the criminals breaching Trademark and Copyright laws.

10% of all perfumes and toiletries in the market place are fake, along with 12% of all toys and sporting goods and 11% of all clothing and footwear.

A recent industry report shows that brand counterfeiting can result in the direct loss of jobs, last year amounting to over 4000 within the UK alone.

Surveillance can prove the sale of counterfeit goods. Recently, Richmond Day and Wilson conducted surveillance on behalf of a well-known High Street Chain, assisting in ‘cracking down’ on a series of market traders.

Covert video footage provided the evidence that market traders were selling counterfeit goods. Further investigation revealed the source of the locally manufactured goods.